Zagraniczni studenci w kaliskiej PWSZ

„At the beginning it was a little bit hard for us because the language is very different and this country is really different than Portugal.

Now we enjoy this new experience and we are very  thankful to every people that helped us. This city is full of tradition and we love the Poland spirit. Thank you for everything, with love from Portuguese students."

Patricia Rito, Diogo Santos, Joni Pereira, Veronique Esteves, Andre Monteiro, Erasmus students from Portugal


"The Erasmus programme is a chance which is given only once. I recommend this experience to people who like risk and love meeting new people and of course new cultures. Kalisz is very beautiful city. I really enjoyed my time here. I met new friends and got to know polish culture. I learned useful things at PWSZ Kalisz and I also develop my English knowledge. I am very happy that I met teachers who seem to be very friendly and helpful and gave me very useful knowledge."

Vasilena Kovacheva, Erasmus student from Bulgaria



"I am very happy that there is something like Erasmus programme. This is a great chance to see new cultures, to meet interesting people and to improve my English. I think Kalisz is beautiful city. I met a lot of new friends here. The level of education is on high level and the teachers are not only good people but great specialists. Kalisz is a good place to have fun too, so if you have the chance just come hereJ. "

Mariya Stoyanova, Erasmus student from Bulgaria



"Hi, I really enjoyed my Erasmus experience in Kalisz. Kalisz is rather small, rich in culture and also very pretty city. People who live here are very nice but also very responsible. Me and my friends had a lot of support from person responsible for incoming Erasmus students and very understanding teachers. I liked a lot my exchange experience in PWSZ Kalisz."

Tiago Miguel Ribeiro Correia, Erasmus student in PWSZ in Kalisz



"Hello, I studied in PWSZ in Kalisz for one semester and for me it was an experience which I'll never forget. The city is very welcoming and university teachers treated us very well. Here teachers seem to be friendlier, always available and always helpful to students. Polish people in general are very hospitable and nice to us. Thank you everyone in PWSZ Kalisz."

Vitor Bruno Vaz Pereira, Erasmus student in PWSZ in Kalisz



"This whole experience was fantastic; I recommend it to all students. Everything was great - especially teachers & students. I met many friends here. The city is very beautiful, very calm but very hospitable too.. I will never forget this experience."

Jose Fernando Moura Ribeiro, Erasmus student in PWSZ in Kalisz


"I really liked studying in Kalisz because I met new people, new language and new country, everything was new ;). The city is very beautiful and quiet but I enjoyed being here, because people are very nice. The school, students and teachers were very welcoming."

Tiago Jose Correia Rabaca, Erasmus student in PWSZ in Kalisz