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Construction studies enable the students to obtain versatile education on engineering level. The graduate has general knowledge including key issues in the field of construction, designing methods of building constructions and management of investment process in construction. Additionally, the course of study involves the problems of low energy building design, renewable energy and energy evaluation of buildings. Construction studies have to prepare the staff of engineers working in designing, counselling, execution, supervision and building exploitation.



The student will obtain knowledge in: construction of public, industrial, and communication housing; designing basic facilities and construction elements; technology and construction organisation; construction materials; team and company management; application of computer technologies and modern technologies in engineering practice.


The graduate is prepared to construct buildings in terms of thermal insulation, structural protection, the basics of HVAC system design, and has a knowledge in the field of related subjects: environmental engineering, sanitary engineering, mechanics. He/She has skills in technology choice and design of basic structural systems used in construction.


The graduate can make the plan specifications and solve problems concerning construction design, thermal insulation and energy profiles of buildings, the choice of energy-supply systems including renewable energy, and it is all because of the IT programmes competence.


Employment Possibilities

The studies prepare the graduate to take up employment in broadly-defined construction. The graduate will be able to work as a constructor’s assistant in a design workshop, work in an execution, public housing, water engineering and management, administration and real estate, and in construction supervision. Having broad substantive knowledge and knowing basic legal acts and construction standards, he / she will be able to work as an official in public service.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

General Construction, Building Law, Energy Basics of Buildings, Strength of Materials, Construction Materials with Concrete Technology, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Wooden Structures, Metal Structures, Concrete Structures, Transport Infrastructure Construction, Construction Physics, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Technology of Construction Works, Civil Works Pre-construction Organisation, Investment Process Management, Building Economy and Estimation, Architecture and Urban Planning, Fire Safety, Thermal Insulation of Buildings and Energy Demands, Heating Systems, Unconventional Sources of Energy, Materials and Technologies in Energy-efficient Construction, Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems, Indoor Installations, Thermal Efficiency Improvement and Energy Audit, Computer Aided Design and Exploitation, Quality of Internal Environment, Sustainable Construction, Noise Protection, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Graphics and Descriptive Geometry, Building Chemistry, Computer Aided Design, Engineering Geology, Geodesy.