Cosmetology is an interdisciplinary area of medicine dealing with a broadly defined prophylaxis which aims at retarding signs of getting older. It is a science of life hygene and nutrition. As a branch of dermatology, cosmetology includes skin treatment and care. Cosmetology also deals with the ingredients of cosmetic preparation, their properties and influence on the human skin. It is mainly focused on preventing signs of aging, supporting keeping capableness and mobility down the years, and thus reaches expectations of the contemporary people. Therefore, it applies therapeutic treatments, both in profilaxis and skin lesions therapy. Studies give the possibility to acquire knowledge of health sciences, including a detailed one in cosmetology under European standards.

Cosmetology graduates are prepared to choose cosmetic activity type and Apple cosmetics according to the diagnosis. Also they are prepared to perform conditioning and beautifying treatments. Graduates, in cooperation with dermatologists, can professionally take care of pathological skin. By gaining therapeutical abilities, they are able to set up and manage own beauty parlour or biological regeneration centre.

Graduates may serve as advisors or therapists. They possess a thorough knowledge of cosmetics form technologies, their ingredients and conditioning, beautifying and therapeutical properties. Also they are ready to work in research and development laboratories. They speak a foreign language at B2 level and use professional vocabulary in health sciences fluently.

Employment Possibilities

Cosmetology graduates will find employment in: beauty salons, biological regeneration centres, research and development laboratories, rehabilitation and leisure centres, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies. They may take up posts of consultants or managers in firms which deal with promotion and health and beauty care. Graduates are ready to set up and manage their own business activity as well as to perform marketing operations in order to expand the venture.

Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Care Cosmetology, Beautifying Cosmetology, Remedial Cosmetology, Cosmetic Chemistry, Cosmetics Recipe, Dermatology, Cosmetics form Technology, Sensorics and Aroma Means, Specialistic Equipment in Cosmetics, General Chemistry, Biology with Genetics, Histology, Elements of Botany in Cosmetology, Biophysics, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology, Microbiology, Materials in Cosmetology, Aromatherapy, Basics of Herbalism, Natural Resources in Cosmetics, Rehabilitation, Basics of Food and Nourishment Science, Esthetics, Body and Posture Shaping, Plant-based Ingredients in Supplements, Wellness – Psychophysical Balance Building, Nutricosmetics.