ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (second-cycle studies)


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Four-semester second-cycle studies at environmental engineering are dedicated to graduates of first-cycle studies different from environmental engineering (recruitment for winter semester; the first semester in a part-time mode; from the second semester onwards a possibility to continue in a part-time or full-time mode)



Graduates of the first-cycle studies of environmental engineering and civil engineering with and the Engineer Degree may apply for three-semester graduate studies at environmental engineering. Recruitment for full-time or part-time will be held for the summer semester. Graduates of civil engineering will be obliged to get credit for classes necessary to complete educational effects before taking up graduate studies at environmental engineering.


AIR, WATER and SEWAGE Specialization

Programme of studies assumes thorough cognition of the bases on the master’s level. On these solid bases students choose classes from a wide range of specialization subjects. This allows future graduates to adjust to the varied requirements of job market, and not rarely, to the needs of their current work place. The last semester is fully devoted to preparing master’s thesis.

The four-semester studies programme is richer than the three-semester one. In the additional semester students acquire the minimum knowledge of the engineering knowledge.

Graduates of the Environmental Engineering are prepared to conceptual work and possess the ability to use the latest learning and technical achievements, among others computer aided design programmes, sewage farm calculations, air protection appliances, noise, environmental fees and statistical programmes necessary in monitoring the environment. It gives a very good base to take up further learning on the doctoral studies.

It is important that Environmental Engineering master graduates may claim national certificates for performing individual technical functions in construction ( building qualifications) required to perform engineering activity in the range of managing and supervising construction projects.


Employment Possibilities

Graduates of environmental engineering may find employment in institutions and companies, both national and international connected with various branches of economy as well as with various national and local administration structures. Gladly they will be employed in a project offices, building companies, national and local department and units managing and monitoring natural environment condition.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Environmental Chemistry, Reliability and Safety of Engineering Systems, Spatial Planning, Statistics, Environment Management, Alternative Energy Sources, Environment Monitoring, Pro-ecological Technologies, Physical Chemistry, Sewage System, Volatile Gases Treatment, Extensive Designing, Technical Supervision Regulations, Radioecology, Feasibility Studies of Environment Protection Projects, Heat and Mass Exchange in Environment Engineering, Water Supply Systems, Chosen Technologies of Water Treatment, Radiological Hazards in Natural Environment, Environmental Hazards, Air Pollution Sources.