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Informatics is, undoubtedly, a profession of the future. IT specialists can find a job not only on the local market, but all over Poland, the European Union and the World.

General information

In the contemporary world, Information Technologies (IT), play a very import ant role in the economy and social life of most countries in the world. A great number of institutions, companies and individuals apply them in various areas of their activity. This creates big demand for highly qualified staff specializing in the field of IT. Thus, engineering studies in the field of Informatics ( are a response to the real needs of the modern labour market and knowledge-based society. This degree course aims to provide its participants with comprehensive practical IT training tailored to the requirements of employers and at the same time allowing further education in the framework of second-cycle studies. The programme assumes that its graduates will gain knowledge and practical skills in many areas of computer science, such as computer architecture, computer networks, operating systems, algorithms, programming languages and methods, software engineering, databases, Internet technologies, computer graphics and multimedia techniques, modeling and computer simulation, artificial intelligence, data security and data protection. The curriculum also includes the latest trends in the field of IT, such as virtualization of systems and services, mobile device programming, software testing, and content management systems (CMS). In addition to a strong and comprehensive educational offer of core subjects, the curriculum also includes multi-semester English course – basic and specialist (computer science and telecommunications), a set of subjects selectable from the humanities, as well as the module dedicated to the individual entrepreneurship. People who are particularly interested in the field of computer science can further develop their knowledge and practical skills in the Computer Science Student Society.

The educational programme complies with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and during its preparation, the educational patterns used in the United Kingdom and the results of consultation with employers conducting businesses in the Kalisz-Ostrów region were considered.


Employment Possibilities

The Informatics graduate can take up employment in many jobs related to the field of IT, among others: designer and programmer of information systems, information systems implementation, maintenance and servicing specialist, webmaster, project manager, administrator of systems, servers and computer networks, consultant or vendor of information technologies and services. The graduate can find work in a variety of business entities, for example, enterprises producing, adapting and maintaining information systems, firms involved in the implementation of the infrastructure (hardware and software) and all institutions and organisations using IT (banks, insurance companies, manufacturing firms, services and trading companies, educational establishments, public administration offices, etc.). Importantly, in the course of the studies, the future graduate is prepared to set up and run their own business. Specialised training and English language competence allow for job mobility and employment not only in the country but also abroad.


Educational infrastructure

Our students can use: teaching servers, specialised computer labs (including labs for programming, databases and computer networks)  network with high-speed Internet access (wired and Wi-Fi), a remote teaching platform – e-learning, a rich set of software provided free of charge under Microsoft DreamSpark license, IT literature – paper and electronic books (NASBI and ibuk systems) and the University System Of Study USOSWeb.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Compulsory subjects: Introduction to Computer Science, Programming Fundamentals, Algorithms and Data Structures, Object-Oriented programming, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Computer Networks, Website Programming, Databases, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Software Design, Data Security and Data Protection, IT Project Management, Team Project, English (4 terms), IT Social and Professional Problems and Individual Entrepreneurship.

Selectable subjects: Operating Systems Administration, Virtualization of Systems and Services, Modeling and Computer Simulations, Numerical Methods, Network and Distributed Databases,  Warehousing and Data Mining, Advanced Programming of Web Applications, Mobile Device Programming, VBA Programming, Automation of Web Applications Tests, Multimedia, Computer Network Design, Content Management Systems, Web Services Management, Work Placement, Engineering Task, Thesis, Elements of the Law and Professional Ethics.



In view of the fact that the area of IT is changing rapidly, the following new specialist selectable subjects have been offered since the academic year 2015/2016: Automation of Web Applications Tests and Content Management Systems.


Work Placement

The aim of the work placement is to acquire knowledge and practical professional skills required to work in a specific IT position. Apart from that, it serves to develop social competence associated with the operations of the company, its structure and their responsibility as an employee in a real professional environment. The trainee gains experience in a natural work environment for an IT specialist: business, enterprise, public or private entity and is subject to the terms and conditions of work regulations as well as performs assigned tasks. It is recommended that the essential scope of work placement should be thematically related to the student’s thesis. The Informatics field of study cooperates with the following companies and organisations: AMG Solutions Sp. z o.o., ARKomp Systemy Komputerowe, DGCS S.A., dGCS.NET Sp. z o.o., Kalkomp, Klaster Informatyczny Południowej Wielkopolski, Netland Computers, Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe JEMAR Sp. z o.o., Transition Technologies, ULISSES Sp. z o.o.