The agreement signed in 2015 between PWSZ in Kalisz and Instituto Politecnico de Braganca (IPB) in Portugal gives the PWSZ students the opportunity to obtain a double first-cycle studies diploma. It will be a diploma of a mother college and an equivalent diploma of Portuguese partner institution.


The studies will be realised in Poland within the Management field of study and specialisation International Business Management. Both fields of study possess accreditation of state accreditation institutions. This specialisation stands out from other specialisations since all the classes are conducted in English, both in the mother college and in the partner institution. Moreover, students spend two semesters in Portugal in IPB.

Awarding a double diploma will be done according to law regulations valid in both countries. For PWSZ students to obtain this diploma they must spend 2nd year (i.e. III and IV semester) in the partner institution and write a diploma project in English.

The partner institutions do not take any tutition fees from exchange students who want to obtain a double diploma. The students cover costs of travel, meals, accommodation and health insurance.


After fulfilling all the conditions specified by the regulations of both institutions, the PWSZ students in Kalisz will receive a bachelor’s degree and diploma supplement in their mother tongue and in English and a diploma from the twin college plus a supplement in Portuguese and English.


Employment Possibilities

Graduates of the first-cycle studies will be prepared to conduct their own business not only in Poland, but also at the European markets. They will also be prepared to work in international cooperations who conduct their activities in the Polish, European, and global market.

Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Business English, Conducting Business in Poland,  Conducting Business in Portugal,  Conducting Business in USA and Europe, International Finances, Real-estates Market, Management of Changes, International Marketing, Basics of International Law, Ethics in International Business, International Business Management, International Logistics, Enterprise’s Business Plan, International Business Law, Financial Analysis of Enterprise, Strategic Analysis, Management Accounting, E-business Management, E-marketing in Commerce and Service.