Master’s studies in the field of Management and Command are intended for the first-cycle graduates. Applicants who have completed the first–cycle studies in the fields different from: Management, Management and Command, Economics, Internal Security, Finances and Accounting, Logistics; Management and Production Engineering, Administration must take an additional competence test concerning defence systems and state security strategies. The test result has to be positive. If the number of candidates exceeds the limit of admission the graduates from such fields as Management, Management and Command, Economics and Internal Security have the priority in the recruitment process.


The studies in this field aim at educating students in the area of market processes analysis, managing human, financial, and material resources with particular focus on acquiring the skills to organize the activities of structural, technical and human systems. The graduate will have the ability to critically analyse the economic and social phenomena and anticipate their consequences.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

State Security, Theory of War, Management of Processes, Theory of Contemporary Operations, Strategic Management, Operational Research, Negotiations, Logistics, Operational Command, Contemporary Military Conflicts, Human Resources Management, Contemporary Management Challenges, IT Security in Organization, Competence Management.


Employment Possibilities

The graduate will be offered the opportunity to work on specialized and managerial positions, requiring management competence, primarily in personnel cells, in organizations dealing with state security, state and local government organizations and also in business organizations.


Specialisation: Finance and Accounting in Management

Specialisation: Management and Command in Public Organizations

Specialisation: Logistics Management