MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (first-cycle studies)


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In the current job market workers should possess a wide range of skills and an extensive knowledge of basic science and technology as well as economics to successfully compete. By acquiring these skills graduates have better opportunities to find jobs in the field of design and construction, technology, measurement and diagnostics. The studies at Mechanical Engineering   provide students with this comprehensive knowledge.


Mechanical Engineering plays an important role both in technical development of the contemporary world and in operation and diagnostics of machines and other equipment. It constitutes an important bridge to other fields of knowledge, and can be transformed into new fields such as industrial automation, mechatronics, technical cybernetics, materials engineering and latest technologies.


Graduates of this field of study acquire knowledge and skills necessary to understand the issues of machine construction, technological processes connected with the machine production, operation and diagnostics, computer control and management.


MECHATRONICS Specialisation NEW!

It is a new specialisation of the field of Mechanical Engineering at PWSZ in Kalisz. It provides students with the comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge of engineering supported by practical knowledge of mechanics, electronics, automatics, IT, design of technological processes, computer aided design of mechatronic devices, machine programming and CNC devices. Additionally, students learn to use computer systems for designing complex mechatronic systems and adequate technological equipment. A lot of emphasis is put on using software and IT techniques in mechatronic systems.


Graduates can independently deal with issues connected with planning and carrying out research and determining mechanical and electrical quantities typical of mechatronics. They can also design mechatronic systems and develop the technology of their production, operation and diagnostics.


Graduates possess team management and production management skills.


Employment Possibilities

Graduates of this specialisation will manage well in the current job market. Thorough knowledge of mechatronics, construction of mechatronic devices, electronics, materials science, technology of processes and computer-aided design and manufacturing is the major asset taken into consideration by prospective employers. Graduates possess knowledge and skills which single them out for jobs in research, design and construction as well as technological centres. They are qualified for jobs in traffic maintenance and quality control departments of manufacturing companies. They can manage and develop the production of mechanical engineering, aviation and similar manufacturing  companies. Moreover graduates can run their own businesses.


Companies of the Wielkopolska Aviation Cluster (WKL) seek candidates who possess interdisciplinary knowledge which enables them to design and operate complex mechatronic devices. Graduates of this specialty will meet these demands.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Electronics with Mechatronics, CNC Machine tools, Mechatronic Design, Control Theory, Mechatronic Constructions, Assembly Technology and Automatics, Coordinate Techniques, CAD, Computer Mechatronic Systems, Production Engineering, Latest Technologies.


CNC MACHINE TOOLS Specialisation

Thorough knowledge of programming and operating CNC machines, tool systems and the design of flexible manufacturing systems, supervising and diagnostics of production processes and using computer systems supporting different departments of the company make the graduates of this speciality most sought-after employees in the job market.

Students of this speciality gain knowledge necessary to find jobs connected with accurate machining, embossing, milling and operating CNC machining centres.


Employment Possibilities

Prospective engineers can find jobs in industrial machinery companies. Thanks to the gained knowledge and skills graduates can be employed by research centres, design and technology centres and technological centres. They can be managers at different levels of the production management. They are in demand in the job market of the southern Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) region, especially by companies of the Wielkopolska Aviation Cluster. PWSZ in Kalisz is the member of this cluster and tries to meet these demands. Therefore graduates of this speciality are highly competitive in the job market.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Computer Design of Technological Processes and CAM, Computer-aided CAD Constructions, CNC Machine Tools, Computer Control and Measurement Systems, Tool Systems, Responsive Manufacturing Systems, Modern Technologies, Quality Engineering ISO, Measurement Techniques with Coordinate Techniques, Machine Operation and Diagnostics with Non-destructive Methods.



Students of this specialisation gain comprehensive engineering knowledge and practical skills in the areas of materials science, machine technology and operation, technological processes design, computer-aided design of machines and devices, programming of CNC machines, and machine operation and diagnostics. Additionally, students can use computer systems for designing complex mechanical systems and technological equipment. Special emphasis is put on using software and IT techniques in technological processes. Graduates are able to solve problems connected with the machine construction, manufacturing, operating and diagnostics. They can also manage staff and production processes.


Employment Possibilities

Graduates of this specialisation are well-prepared for the current job market. Thorough knowledge of machine construction, materials science, CAD and processing technology is the asset appreciated by future employers. Students gain knowledge and skills which prepare them for jobs in research centres, design and construction centres and technological centres. They can manage and develop production in industrial machinery companies and other manufacturing companies. They can work as managers at different levels of production management or they can run their own businesses.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Computer-aided Design of Technological Processes and CAM, Quality Engineering According to ISO, CNC Machine Tools, Computer Management and Measurement Systems, Production Planning and Control PPC, Technological Equipment Design, Machine Operation and Diagnostics, Computer Techniques CA-x, Non-destructive Research, Modern Technologies, Coordinate Techniques.