MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (second-cycle studies)


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Second-cycle studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering are intended for the graduates of first-cycle engineering studies.

In second-cycle studies students gain knowledge of dimensional metrology, surface stereometry and quality management systems.

The development of production processes leads to the extensive use of automation not only in the manufacture but also in the measurement of parameters of the production processes. Measurement systems are essential to obtain measurement information, to process, compare and calculate data and register the results. Modern measurement systems are necessary not only for the process control but also for the safety of operation.

Manufacturing and service companies can achieve success thanks to well-functioning computer quality management systems. Up-to-date knowledge of the production management engineering and quality management is required to compete effectively and to achieve the required quality of goods and services. Therefore, it is essential for companies to employ professionals who are able to implement quality management systems. The market demand for professionals who can implement quality management systems in the region was the incentive to organize second-cycle studies with the speciality in measurement systems and quality management systems.



Students of this specialisation gain knowledge of measuring instruments construction, expert measurement using coordinate measuring technique and measuring scanners. Graduates of this speciality should be able to solve interdisciplinary engineering problems and organizational problems. Therefore, integrated systems and quality management organizational techniques, modern materials and their selection in the construction design process, design optimization, modelling to support machine design and the computer support of the process have been incorporated in the curriculum.


Employment Possibilities

Graduates can work for manufacturing companies in our region (mainly in the companies of the Wielkopolska Aviation Cluster) and research centres. They can run their own manufacturing, service or design businesses. They can also work as managers and experts for operating and diagnostics or appraising.

Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Measuring Instruments Construction, Coordinate Measuring Machine Design, Professional Coordinate Measurement, 3D Scanners, Integrated Quality Management Systems, Production Logistics, Advanced Operating and Diagnostics of Machines, Physics of Metals, Selection of Materials in Design, Model-based Machine Design, Design Optimization, Incremental Manufacturing Techniques, Instrument Systems, Computer-aided Manufacturing, Micro and Nanotechnology, Organizational Techniques in Quality Management.