Classes in the field of Mechanical Engineering will be held at the Medical-Social-Technical Faculty, Września Campus and at PWSZ in Kalisz.

The field of study Mechanical Engineering is mainly associated with operating machines and other equipment in the mechanical engineering industry.

Mechanical Engineering plays an important role in the technical development, it integrates into automatics, materials engineering, cybernetics, electronics and the latest technologies. All major civilizational achievements are the effects of these integrated operations. Mechanical engineering deals with the knowledge of the machine structure, manufacturing and operating. It provides comprehensive knowledge of mechanical engineering and designing with modern calculating tools. Students also gain knowledge of machine manufacturing, assembling and operating processes, the selection of engineering materials used as parts of machines and also the control of machine operating procedures.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of this field of study are awarded with the title Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Studies provide students with the knowledge and practical engineering skills.

Dynamic development of manufacturing technology and high-quality modern equipment requires well-educated staff. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering can find employment in manufacturing companies – both in design and engineering offices as well as directly managing production line.

Graduates are well-prepared to design, manufacture and operate machines, equipment and installations used in the machinery industry. They are also prepared to work for companies which deal with the distribution of materials and equipment used in the machine construction and operating.

Graduates can work as constructors, technologists and production organizers in different manufacturing and service companies and also as holders of facilities and equipment used in the machine and industrial equipment construction. They can work as office workers in areas that deal with threats connected with the development of industry, agriculture and agglomerations. Special emphasis is put on developing IT skills. Graduates of mechanical engineering will be able to solve problems in the areas of production and machine operation, deal with staff and production management. Students are involved in the learning process and gain practical skills through laboratory classes which shows the modern approach to studying.

Thanks to a modern curriculum and our teaching staff our graduates are fully prepared to become students of the second-cycle studies at the PWSZ in Kalisz or other colleges. According to surveys about 90% of engineering studies graduates continue their education for their master’s degree at PWSZ in Kalisz or other colleges.