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Bridge studies are designed for people who posses a matriculation certificate and who are graduates of medical high schools or graduates of post-high schools training nurses. The programme content and the assumed educational outcomes allow students to attain standard- approved professional qualifications. Graduates of the bridging studies have the possibility of continuing their education in the second cycle studies (Master’s Degree studies).



The number of hours of classes depends on the type of medical school that the student has completed.


The type of completed medical school


Duration of studies



5-year medical high school


2 semesters; 1150 hours of classesA

2-year medical vocational school training nurses


3 semesters; 2410 hours of classesB

2.5-year medical vocational school training nurses


2 semesters; 1984 hours of classesC

3-year medical vocational school training nursesi


2 semesters; 660 hours of classesD


Work Placement

The duration and type of work placement is established individually for each student, based on his/her history of employment and additional qualifications, according to the guidelines set by the National Nursing School Accreditation Board.