PUBLIC HEALTH Specialization

Unlike traditional studies of physical education, we offer courses of studies into this area of education that link a student’s personal interests in sport with professional skills leading to a job of a teacher of physical education and health in all educational institutions. The course of study also provides opportunities of taking up a job in public health sector, especially where it comes to reducing hypo-kinesis and obesity.


Students graduating from this course of studies can perform the roles of modern physical education teachers as specified by the Ministry of National Education. They understand the cutting edge tendencies and principles in sports education.

This means a future teacher does not solely focus on the physical development of her/his students, or on achieving particular goals regarding sport skills of her/his students, but embraces physical education in the context of the whole educational and health needs of an average student. Hence, s/he can: teach how students should actively and wisely make decisions regarding their life and health, as well as use the process of physical education to teach students to create principles important in human life.


All the above means that the student graduating from the course of studies of physical education changes from being a teacher of physical exercise to advisor of independent holistic health care. At the same time s/he can demonstrate to her/his trainee the importance of sport, and physical exercise in a broader perspective, not limited to being fit, a sport’s result, or participating in a sporting event.


The student graduating from the course of Physical Education in PWSZ Kalisz, who works with adults, does not limit herself/himself to the role of an instructor of health, recreational, and sports exercises, but can also teach students to independently discover health needs in the context of their everyday life and work. Such a teacher can also advise adults how to apply for resources to fight hypo-kinesis and obesity. Moreover, the course of studies leads to managerial qualifications to perform the role of initiator of pro-health activates at the level of local government. The main course of studies is supplemented by organized vocational training, not only at educational institutions, but also in real-life settings, where the students gain experience working with adults.


Fulfilling the above mentioned roles requires appropriate qualifications (interdisciplinary professional education): sound pedagogical foundations of non-directive teaching,  communication skills to interact with a student and ability to work with adults. Also, the student receives sound knowledge of managing public health. Such a broad profile of a physical education teacher is innovative, truly revolutionary approach to this profession.


Candidates of the course of studies of Physical Education must be physically fit (e.g., they must be able to swim).


Employment Possibilities

A student graduating from Physical Education is prepared to undertake work as a teacher at different levels of education, competitive sport, and public health. S/he is also prepared to work in health, wellness and rejuvenation centres and offices. At the same time s/he is qualified to undertake responsibilities of health manager in her/his local community. S/he can organize pro-health local government, and run her/his own educational, service and/or advisory business such as: fitness clubs, beauty parlours, spa centres.


Additionally, the course of studies of physical education are aimed at additional qualifications (to choose from) that will allow one to work in sports organizations as a sports instructor, or health and beauty instructor.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Functional Anatomy, General Physiology and Physiology of Physical Effort, Biochemistry of Physical Effort, General Pedagogy, Psychology and Pedagogy of the I and II Stage of Education, Philosophy, Basics of Health Knowledge, Basics of Nutrition, Nutritional Advising, Psychology, Health Psychology, Sociology of Health, Promotion of Health, Methodology of Physical Education, Interactive Pro-health Education, Anthropometrics, Biomechanics, Individual Sports, Team Sports, Theory of Sport, Foreign Language, Recreation and Sport for Disabled, Planning Recreational Events, Information Technology, Information Technology in Education and Public Health, individual vocational training, instructor’s camp.