STATE DEFENCE (second-cycle studies)

Master’s studies in the field of State Defence are intended for the first-cycle graduates. Candidates who have completed the first–cycle studies in the fields different than: State Defence, Management, Management and Command, Economics, Internal Security, Finance and Accounting, Logistics, Management and Production Engineering, Administration must take an additional competence test concerning defence systems and state security strategies. The test result has to be positive. If the number of candidates exceeds the limit of admission the graduates from such fields as State Defence, Marketing, Management and Command, Economics and Internal Security have the priority in the recruitment process.

The aim of the studies is to develop the students’ knowledge in the field of management, defence, security and related sciences. They concern the essence of rules and problems connected with functioning of public institutions and state security structures. A graduate will possess specialist knowledge referring to human, information, material and financial resources management required to perform managerial functions.


Employment Possibilities

A graduate can be employed as an expert analyst and designer in state administration units and as a manager of basic levels of governance in military and non-military organizations, economic organizations, public institutions as well as crisis management centres.


Chosen Curriculum Subjects

Crisis Management, IT in Defence, Military Language, Society Defence Preparation, Peacekeeping Operations, Headquarters Activities, Leadership in Hierarchy Organizations.