The President Stanisław Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences was established in 1999 and it was perceived as the event of the year in the region. Its patron, Stanisław Wojciechowski (1869-1953), was the second president of the Republic of Poland. His close educational and personal bonds with Kalisz are visible both in the city and in the university.

The main priority of the strategy of the university is to offer practical application of the knowledge gained during theoretical classes and to ensure international and intercultural learning experience. Therefore a scientific dialogue with foreign partners is promoted and reinforced by exchanging best practices and experiences. We have almost 50 partner universities in Europe, but also in Russia, Uzbekistan and the USA.

The university possesses a modern didactic base with professional laboratories, passive house, patent information centre, conference rooms and sport facilities. We also offer accommodation in our dormitory and guest rooms. We can also boast our unique in Europe Didactic Centre of Gear Wheels Research. We have impressing library and University Publishing. Our university takes pride in numerous prestigious awards, eg. “University Worthy of Choice”, “Polish Innovation Award”, “Eurosymbol of Modern Education 2015”.

The  President Stanisław Wojciechowski State University of Applied Sciences educates over 4000 students every year and can already boast almost 15 000 graduates. Our students can choose from 28 courses, also in foreign languages on five faculties:

  • Faculty of Social Sciences,
  • Polytechnic Faculty,
  • Health Sciences Faculty
  • Medical-Social-Technical Faculty in Września.

Youth, sustainable and innovative development as well as modern technologies are contemporary indicators of the success of the university, but also challenges for its future. Kalisz, being the oldest city in Poland, is now also an important centre on the educational map of Poland.