Hello my name is Mustafa. I studied in Kalisz for one semester. First of all, I was very happy to stay in Kalisz because it was a good city for me. I met a lot of new friends, saw interesting things and got to know different cultures. İ felt safe and very cheerful in Kalisz. I love people in this city. What’s more, I practiced at hospital in Kalisz. The medical staff and patients were very helpful in this place. I think that everybody loved us (me and my friend) and I loved everybody in this hospital –  patients, workers, teachers and my friends. I’ll never forget one patient in pediatric department. Assha was so pretty and so sweet. I want to say “Thank you” for everything to my Erasmus+ Coordinators, my mates, a manager and workers in your dormitory “Bulionik”! I’m grateful to Ewa Wasielewska from International Relations Office. She was really helpful and a good person at this university. She was like my mother in Poland. And thank you to Monika Napadłek for everything. THANK YOU KALISZ and KALISZ PEOPLE! Maybe we will see again soon:)


Mustafa Acikyüz,

 Mus Alparslan University, Turkey

Hello, my name is Onintza and I’m from the Basque Country. I’ve been studying engineering in Kalisz for five months and it’s been a pleasure for me to have had such an opportunity. Everybody knows that Kalisz isn’t a well-known city of Poland but it’s worth seeing. The city has a very interesting history you would like to know. I loved the main square and some of the streets. If you want to try the traditional Polish food, in this city you can (and it’s good). It’s true that Kalisz isn’t a university city but there’s always something you can do, for example, ice skating, bowling, billard, karaoke and sport… What’s more, the relation between students and teachers is close at university in Kalisz. We met a lot of people from all over Europe (Portugal, Spain, Turkey, France) and we made a very big family. In my opinion, the Erasmus+ Programme is an unique experience you must try.


 Onintza Villaescusa Argibay,

 University of the Basque Country, Spain